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A centralised place to view all of our business ventures.

Hence 'One House, Many Rooms' explains it all. We are investing in local online business in 2020. Although more on our Projects page, we are Launching 3-4 E-Commerce websites this year all focusing on a local business mind set!

An online blog.

which is essentially the journal for the online business ventures and setting up companies the business banana takes on. There's a lot of free tips and business advice riddled in these blogs done by me, Allan Lawrence, the founder of The Business Banana


If there is an idea you have and you're just an investor or partner away from progressing your idea to something real. Then we are open for business in listening to your idea and if this idea or small business has potential in our eyes, We can provide financial and powerful online business solutions to your idea.


Just starting out? We can provide a service from sitting with you for an hour to providing you a guide with handy contacts for a fast £50.00. Also to guiding you through your business setup. Taking on Online Business, Software/APPs to use, financial guidance and general strategies. Starting from £250-£500. - All clients also receive a discount for anything online such as a website, Social Media, Marketing and more with WebworldUK our Online Business and Web-Design company

What we are best at

Our Services

Online Business
One of our strongest going businesses is WebworldUK. Not only a Web-design agency but this covers all online business aspects such as social media, business apps you should use, training, and more.
Zen Luxuries
It's all good selling the dream to local business, but what good is it if we do not have experience? We set up a bathbomb, gift sets and soap company that is now the number 1 leading bath time products in Trowbridge.
Just need to know the basics?
You might not want to spend hundreds on setting up a business yet. You might just want to know your facts on what's what. Like Liability insurance? Why does this website cost £1000 and this one is £25 a month?! With our Consultancy and Training packages starting with our FAST £50 service leaving you with the knowledge of what's next!
Joining Forces
We have over 10 projects currently that need partnerships. If you are looking to invest in a business then you've come to the right place. With our prestige reputation with no failures to date, you know your investment would be worth getting involved. We also review your business ideas and would review joining forces with you.
Our Office is around the corner and we are now offering evening course and conferences in Trowbridge, Wiltshire for starting up a business. Generally this will be 3 evenings a week and an online training course.

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