Local Trowbridge

This was actually on the cards before Covid-19 however this just increased the cause. This project is an online shop for (hopefully) every single shop in town centre to sell their products online. A town centre all in one website. Few people have their own dedicated online e-commerce website because quite simply it's either going to cost you around £600-£1000 or monthly payment of £35-£40 for renting a shopify website. Now although local business should 100% should have this already, we do face budget factors and risk if your business will even thrive in that environment.

So why not just join Local Trowbridge, for free for 3 months! And after which we take a very small percentage for anything you sell. If you find you're making killer sales on Local Trowbridge and all eyes are on your products, then everyone is laughing and you've avoided a huge fee on your own website.

The Social Banana

The social banana was originally the Trowbridge Hub, however this is likely to expand across Wiltshire too, I decided the name needs to not have a location as this is a new local way to collaberate with content creators, business owners, networking, jobs, advertising and more. Yes! Essentially a LinkedIn. However this exists for local reason. We will be starting off in Trowbridge and surrounding towns only, so this will be a more close, personaly community hub where you know whoever you're browsing, talking to and collaberating with is nearby. Besides, this supports local business.

The Trowbridge directory

What better than an old fashioned directory? We are launching a website with powerful directory functionalities so whatever you need, wonder or browse will be cleanly at your finger tips. With an organised list and search panel, ranging from plumbers, designers, sign makers to freerange eggs or even firewood! Any trade or business can go on here with an organised information panel and reviews.

Plenty Of Trowbridge

A dedicated dating agency for local dating. This is built under a dedicated industry leading dating platform that can keep up with the likes of Tinder and Plenty Of Fish. This project is more of a fun and friendly community with Blogging, Old School forums and more.


This one is very much on the drawing board as simply for fun. We have our dedicated social platform for the members of Trowbridge only.